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Fin System

The werewolf step-up is our performance gun with a wide point forward to aid in paddle strength.

This also lengthens the tail outline which boosts up the boards drive and allows a settled feeling while surfing at high speeds.

A no joke board for no joke waves, recommended for big down the line style waves and solid reef break tubes. best ridden with the MF fin from FCS or the JJF from futures.

Waves of consequence demand the right equipment and the werewolf step up is the right tool for the job.

Performance gun outline with the wide point forward to help with paddle speed and control. This also lengthens the tail outline for extra drive and a settled feeling at top speeds.

Entry Rocker
Mid to Long. Ease of paddling, but not too flat for late critical take-offs.

Exit Rocker
Long, high tail rocker for maximum manoeuvrability at high speed.

Light single into moderate long double.

Pin Tail, lock into those steep drainers and draw smooth turns.

Fin Setup
5 Fin. Thruster or Quad Option.

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