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Take a Cruise on this all-rounder as it flies over the flat small sections, and handles up to nearly double over head points, Beaches and reefs.

Derived from our ever popular OHLSON TWIN rocker and contours this model caters for anyone looking for more stable or traditional mid length feel we have shifted the fin placement & measurements in order for this board to work perfectly as a Single with trailers. Look for a centre fin around 7 1/2 “ - 8” depending on your length of board.

Draw long smooth lines, Tight arcs where needed with Speed, Control and Confidence.

Entry Rocker Minimal, Smooth entry rocker.

Exit Rocker Long, Subtle with enough tail rocker for manoeuvrability and control.

Concave Light single on entry into slight double mid section with vee out the tail. Providing natural water displacement and making an ultra user friendly surf.

Tail Pin tail for control and drive.

4 x 6 x 4 Glassing


*This model comes stock in all clear but tints can be added at an extra cost



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