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The OHLSON TWIN leads the pack when it comes to performance based mid lengths.

The design concept was built around the idea of an elongated bullet twin and the finished product resulted in a mid length that retains a lot of the Performance elements of its shorter counterpart.

An ultra easy surfing experience packed full of effortless paddling, lightning speed, smooth searing lines and top notch rail to rail work. Best ridden with the FUTURES EN or the Power Twin from FCS.

The OHLSON will perform in almost any condition you put it in. Trim over fat, small waves or get in to big tubes early. The OHLSON goes!

The OHLSON TWIN has a traditional mid-length outline fused with inspiration drawn from the concept of an elongated Bullet Twin. The fundamental purpose being ultra fast and ultra loose.

Entry Rocker Long low entry rocker for blistering speed and a huge sweet spot, eliminating a crucial need for perfected foot placement.

Exit Rocker Flat exit rocker. Build and maintain all that speed.

Concave Light single on entry into slight double mid section with vee out the tail. Providing natural water displacement and making an ultra user friendly surf.

Tail Pin tail for control and drive.

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