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Effortless paddling, lightning speed, smooth searing lines and top notch rail to rail work in 1ft - 8ft+.

For 2023 it only made sense for lee to create something with a much more  performance aspect - as a comparison to the OHLSON's predecessor the bullet twin this board is far more refined with a lower rail & deeper concave.

Ridden only as a twin + trailer the OHLSON x3 provides all benefits of its older sisters but with a little more spark. Jam turns in the pocket , use its rail line to draw big arks,  make easy adjustments in the tube even & take to the air.

Ride this all rounder the same height or 1” shorter than your self & with some extra volume - don't be scared! Please enjoy our OHLSON x3.


Entry Rocker Long low entry rocker for blistering speed and a huge sweet spot, eliminating a crucial need for perfected foot placement.

Exit Rocker Flat exit rocker. Build and maintain all that speed.

Concave Light single on entry into slight double mid section with vee out the tail. Providing natural water displacement and making an ultra user friendly surf.

Tail Pin tail for control and drive.

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