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The Black Reaper is the apex predator of the range, designed entirely around high performance shredding in pumping waves.

The new addition of a round tail has boosted the drive so you can push harder turns at top speed. The black reaper is best suited for waves in the 2-6ft+ range where harnessing and controlling speed 15 vital.

Big, powerful turns in the pocket, top speed driving rail surfing on the face and control in the tube is what you would expect from this model. Best ridden with the am template from both FCS 6 Futures.

Explosive, head turning surfing awaits you...

Performance driven outline with slightly extra width under the chest and front foot area. All the explosive assets of a high performance short board with slightly more forgiving tendencies.

Entry Rocker
Mild entry rocker for instantaneous speed generation and maintenance, letting you get in quick and get going easily.

Exit Rocker
Long continuous tail rocker for phenomenal drive and speed control.

Concentrated single concave under the front foot for instant speed with a neutral feel, splitting into double concave for added drive through high speed turns with a flat late exit for explosive freedom in the lip.

Round tail to extend the rail outline for searing rail to rail surfing.

Fin Setup
Thruster. The undisputed king of fin set ups.

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